Care takeover at the Roo Talks

Find out how Deliveroo’s Roo-Talks series continued last Summer!

Table of Contents

  1. Roo Talks
  2. Daniel Vartanov - Testing interactive console apps with Ruby Fibers
  3. Dan Sheldon - My life as a Product Manager aka Document Writer
  4. Jamie Tanna - Shipping services more quickly with design-first OpenAPI contracts
  5. James King - Building Care systems for 28 million contacts is as hard as you think
  6. About Care at Deliveroo
  7. Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

Roo Talks

In August 2022, Deliveroo opened its doors to external tech enthusiasts and continued our successful Roo-Talks series of events, the first back in person since 2020!

We spent the evening listening to talks from our amazing Care team, covering both technical and product focussed topics, eating some amazing food and answering questions with a live Q&A on the Roo Pitch!

A photo taken from the front of the Roo pitch, looking up at the bleachers which are almost full with attendees. Some atttendees are sitting around the side of the pitch on on the benches as well as some on the laying mats. Dan and Daniel can be seen on the sofa answering questions

Here are some of the key highlights from our August event:

Two attendees showing off their free Deliveroo branded tote bags, smilling at the camera

The evening was hosted by Erika Moreno Sierra who joined Deliveroo as a Software Engineer five years ago, before becoming one of our Engineering Managers within the Consumer space!

Erika introduced four talks from our Care team, which you can watch here:

Daniel Vartanov - Testing interactive console apps with Ruby Fibers

Console apps can be beautiful and super powerful, but they are not like web apps in testing. It requires special effort to test them with ease and elegance, but Fibers - a rarely used feature of Ruby language - turns out to be the best to solve the problem.

Dan Sheldon - My life as a Product Manager aka Document Writer

What do Product Managers do all day? Clue: it involves a lot of documents. Dan spoke about the role of Product Managers at Deliveroo, how they work with engineering teams and the crucial role that documents play at Deliveroo. Dan also shared tips on how to write good documents that help teams make decisions and get to the bottom of tricky problems.

Jamie Tanna - Shipping services more quickly with design-first OpenAPI contracts

Jamie spoke about how using the OpenAPI API specification format has led to being able to ship a new service more effectively, by removing the need to write scaffolding, and instead focus on the business logic. We were able to build and integrate more easily with different services, and get a lot of handy tooling to support us ship more effectively.

James King - Building Care systems for 28 million contacts is as hard as you think

How do you build a collection of services and systems that handle 28 million contacts (calls and chats)? What are some of the problems Care faced, overcame, or not yet completely nailed? James spoke about all this and more, on how we engineer for 2,500 staff in 12 countries, serving 12 markets, speaking 7 languages, working in 5 programming languages, with 3 cloud systems, and all real-time systems.

About Care at Deliveroo

Although generally thought of as providing self-service functionality or agent support for order issues, the Care function within Deliveroo isn’t just related to resolving issues with orders. Our Care function continuously connects the consumers, riders, restaurants and agents in the marketplace, making sure everyone has a great experience with Deliveroo.

Care also builds and maintains the tools that enable live chat or calls between a rider and a consumer, for instance when the rider can’t find the consumer’s front door, or if a second rider needs to be assigned for a particularly large order. Care therefore works with a lot of different technologies and integrates with a lot of systems at scale to minimise the likelihood and impact of potential incidents.

Looking at the big screen on the Roo pitch, where James King is mid sentence, slightly obscured by Erika Moreno Sierra who is facing the screen

Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

We’d love to say a big thank you to the ~150 of you who attended, as well as a big thank you to the OpenAPI Foundation for sending some awesome OpenAPI stickers for our attendees.

The kitchen in the Deliveroo offices filled with several groups of people chatting over food and drink

Although there’s not yet a date in the diary, we’re hoping to run another event in the new year. Watch this space for more details.

About Christopher Johnson

A picture of Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson is a Talent Acquisition specialist with over 10 years’ experience working with scaling tech companies. His role at Deliveroo is as a Recruiting Lead for Enterprise Engineering (Enterprise IT, Production Engineering and Security)

About Daniel Vartanov

A picture of Daniel Vartanov

Daniel is a software engineer, before joining Deliveroo he worked on various startups predominately in the e-commerce world

About Dan Sheldon

A picture of Dan Sheldon

Dan is a product leader at Deliveroo, heading up the Care and Trust product teams. Over the past decade he has been building consumer products in healthcare, energy and now food.

About Jamie Tanna

A picture of Jamie Tanna

I’m a big fan of delivering more effectively, improving engineering excellence, and I blog a lot on my own website.

About James King

A picture of James King

James is a Staff Engineer who’s been in the education, gambling, and communications industries before joining Deliveroo as a contractor, and loved it so much he became an employee in 2020