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See some ways Deliveroo champion women and non-binary people in tech

Find out how Deliveroo’s sponsorship of the Athena Hackathon supports women and non-binary talent in tech

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New girl in town, joining Deliveroo as a Senior Engineering Manager

Learn about joining Deliveroo as a Senior Engineering Manager from Liz Mackie, Senior Engineering Manager.

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Shipping services more quickly with design-first OpenAPI contracts

How using OpenAPI has led to being able to ship a new service more effectively, by removing the need to write scaffolding, and instead focus on the business logic.

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Real-Time Data Aggregation Using DynamoDB Streams

DynamoDB is great for quick data access, low-latency and scalability. However, one downside is that it does not support aggregation functionality like relational DB’s do. This is how we tackled this problem using DynamoDB Streams.

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