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A glimpse into Data Science at Deliveroo

Learn more about Data Science at Deliveroo from the eyes of Mahana Mansfield, DS Director.

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Increase the Reliability of a Go Codebase with Object Constructors

One of the limitations of Go programming language is the lack of built-in object constructor support. In this post, we will see how this can have a negative impact on the code we write and how we can get around that by gluing together some of the existing language concepts.

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Using AWS EC2 and ECS to host hundreds of services

The Production Engineering team at Deliveroo look after hosting hundreds of services on AWS EC2 and ECS. Here, we take a high level look at how that’s done, and how we manage the process of updates and improvements to this system.

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CloudFormation To Terraform

As engineers we love solving logical problems, building and fixing. But we also like to keep things simple, we often find there is already a solution built, but not in the language/format that we’d need.

Sometimes the way we approach a problem can influence greatly in the outcome. This guide will show you a quick workaround that will help in managing a CloudFormation stack with Terraform.

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