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Profiling Rails Applications with Flamegraphs 🔥

How we used Flame Graphs to profile our Rails backend code in our development environment and thus fixed slow, suboptimal code faster.

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Analysing our dependency trees to determine where we should send Open Source contributions for Hacktoberfest

How we’re using GitHub Advanced Security’s dependency scanning functionality to determine what our most popular dependencies are, and whether we can find any Open Source contributions for the month of Hacktoberfest.

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See some ways Deliveroo champion women and non-binary people in tech

Find out how Deliveroo’s sponsorship of the Athena Hackathon supports women and non-binary talent in tech

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New girl in town, joining Deliveroo as a Senior Engineering Manager

Learn about joining Deliveroo as a Senior Engineering Manager from Liz Mackie, Senior Engineering Manager.

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