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1 Year @ Deliveroo as a Backend Engineer

Hey there! I’m Nathan, a backend engineer at Deliveroo. Born and raised in London, I’ve been a software engineer for over 5 years and joined Deliveroo just over a year ago. I want to share with you my experience so far and what you can expect in your first year. I hope nobody is reading. But if you are, then please keep this to yourself!

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Deliveroo Engineering in India

Deliveroo engineering is building a team in India - come join us on our journey to become the definitive food delivery company!

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Like many others, I’ve just re-joined Deliveroo. Here’s why.

Hey! I’m Jordan, a Senior Data Scientist in the Partner Growth team at Deliveroo.

I’ve just re-joined Deliveroo after leaving last year. Maybe you’re thinking of re-joining a former company too or even better (for us), re-joining Deliveroo! If so, you might be grappling with similar considerations to the ones I had. Here’s the reasons I decided to come back - maybe they’ll resonate with you.

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My first few months as a data scientist at Deliveroo

Hear about what a data scientist gets up to in their first few months at Deliveroo

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