From Code to Leadership: Empowering Women in Engineering at our New India Hub

Explore Prachi’s experience of transitioning to Engineering Management at Deliveroo, where she emphasizes the significance of autonomy, collaboration, and cultivating a positive work culture to drive her team’s success.

Could you introduce yourself and your role at Deliveroo?

I’m Prachi, and I joined Deliveroo in August last year. I’m located in India, and I bring with me about 10 years of work experience. Initially, I joined Deliveroo as a Senior Software Engineer, and I’m thrilled to share that I’ve recently transitioned into the role of an Engineering Manager within 10 months of joining.

In my current role, I’m responsible for managing a dynamic team of seven skilled engineers, focused on enhancing and transforming our systems to deliver a seamless experience to our users.

What made you choose Deliveroo as a place of work?

While I hadn’t personally used the app as it isn’t available in India, I dedicated time to learn about the company and its goals. One aspect that surprised me in a positive way is how quickly Deliveroo adapts to market dynamics. Considering that we operate in a dynamic industry like food delivery, I knew there would be a lot of interesting challenges to solve and that generally comes with a steep learning curve, which I was looking forward to at that stage of my career.

The opportunity for autonomy and flexibility in my work was particularly appealing to me, and this was reflected in the seamless nature of my interactions right from Day 1 - from the introductory call with the recruiter up to the moment I received the offer letter. This indicated to me the kind of culture the company is striving to cultivate, and reinforced my belief that such a culture would significantly contribute to my overall well-being.

What have you enjoyed the most about your journey with Roo so far?

First and foremost, I am really enjoying the collaborative and supportive environment here. Despite the geo location and time zone differences, cross collaboration has never been easier, and I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside multiple talented and passionate individuals - there is so much to learn from everyone around here.

Secondly, the pace of execution, coupled with the level of autonomy and trust given to employees is amazing. From day one, I’ve felt empowered to take ownership of my projects and have my voice heard. The company values input from employees at all levels, which fosters an environment where creativity and independent thinking are genuinely appreciated.

Last but not the least, I have been really amazed at the level of investment in employee growth and development. I have been consistently encouraged to take on new challenges and have been provided opportunities to grow in my professional career, one of which being the transition from Individual Contributor to Engineering Manager

What made you transition from Individual Contributor to Engineering Manager?

I think in the back of my mind, I always knew that I had a passion for leading and mentoring others. I enjoy helping people grow and achieve their maximum potential, so transitioning into a leadership role felt like a natural step forward for me.

Secondly, taking on this new challenge will help me grow both personally and professionally. Managing teams and dealing with people-related challenges would give me the opportunity to broaden my skills and impact, by overseeing multiple projects and aligning their collective efforts towards larger organisational goals.

What do you think makes someone a successful people manager?

I’ve just started my journey as a people manager, so my personal style is still evolving, however I have had the good fortune of working with amazing managers in my professional life and I’ve been actively picking valuable aspects from their unique managerial approaches.

Moving into this new role has helped me realise that effective leadership is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and various styles can be successful depending on the context and the team. That being said, the following are the pillars of my management style:

About Prachi Chouksey

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Prachi is an Engineering Manager at Deliveroo India. She has recently transitioned to a managerial role after joining Deliveroo as an individual contributor, she has close to 10 years of IC experience under her belt. Her focus is on building diverse and inclusive teams. She believes in having a growth mindset and continuous learning.