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Kriselda Rabino

Software Engineer

I’ve been a full-time “Person Who Builds Things With Code” since 2008 in my hometown of Sydney, back when the Frontend simply meant spending more time writing HTML, JavaScript and CSS - as opposed to, you know, setting up a linter for my build tool’s configuration file to ensure my modules are bundled and my transpiler can run and… fades off into a web-shaped abyss.

Eventually, I crossed over to the server-side where I did S-finger-shaped gang signs and built things with PHP, ColdFusion and my current friend, Ruby. I still think the client-side is kind of cool and am slowly trying to make friends with it again.

In my spare time I enjoy and teach a social dance called Brazilian Zouk, and am on the board over at the wonderful open source communities, WHFNP and EmpowerHack.

Kriselda Rabino has written the following posts:

  • The Unbearable Rightness of Being Wrong (A Programmer's Guide to Sanity) (2016-12-23)