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Madhu Prashanth

Engineering Manager

Madhu is an Engineering Manager at Deliveroo. She has over two decade’s experience in solving challenging technical problems across telecommunication, finance and the education sector. Her global experience living and working across Europe and Asia ranges from launching brand new lending products to digitising the telecom industry and scaling products to billions of users at Capital One.

She’s a role model and a mentor to many women across the industry and is constantly looking to improve the representation of women in tech with a focus on shifting perceptions of what it takes to be a leader in Tech. As a career-driven mum of two young girls, Madhu strongly believes in diversity and encourages more women to take up Engineering roles. She’s an active member of the Women in Tech community at Deliveroo and tries to tackle this issue at the grass roots level by speaking at schools and encouraging more girls to get into STEM.

Madhu Prashanth has written the following posts:

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