Learn from our experience developing the Deliveroo product.

How to un-rickroll yourself

A story of how leaving your laptop unlocked can lose the entire morning.

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“I assess quality……therefore I am”

Friends, engineers, fellow food enthusiasts…lend me your ears. Before my interview with Deliveroo in November, I read some articles from the engineering blog and I promised myself that when I did start working for this amazing company, I would participate and write an article about all things QA…. I also had a little bet with Troy Harris. He fulfilled his end of the bargain so I’m fulfilling mine. In this blog, I’m going to talk about my Deliveroo Interview experience, the current QA process, taking responsibility, my typical working day and Brown Bag sessions.

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Hackday and the £17 soda

We started at Deliveroo 4 months ago and have been building an API test framework which has now just completed stage 1.

TL/DR We’re pretty happy here at Deliveroo, we’re learning, we’re having fun, we’re doing it at pace. Soda == Doughnuts

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