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Like many others, I’ve just re-joined Deliveroo. Here’s why.

Hey! I’m Jordan, a Senior Data Scientist in the Partner Growth team at Deliveroo.

I’ve just re-joined Deliveroo after leaving last year. Maybe you’re thinking of re-joining a former company too or even better (for us), re-joining Deliveroo! If so, you might be grappling with similar considerations to the ones I had. Here’s the reasons I decided to come back - maybe they’ll resonate with you.

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My first few months as a data scientist at Deliveroo

Hear about what a data scientist gets up to in their first few months at Deliveroo

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The Emergence and Evolution of Analytics Engineering at Deliveroo

In the first of what we hope will be a series of blog posts about our analytics engineering discipline and some of the work we do, we first introduce the team, where it has come from, and how we’re evolving our organisational model in step with our growth. We’ll also touch on some of the tools we use, challenges we face, and the future we’re working towards.

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How to prepare for the Deliveroo Architecture Interview

Read on for some tips on how to prepare for Deliveroo’s Architecture Interview, written by the Engineers who themselves run the Architecture Interviews at Deliveroo.

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Multi-dispatch event logging

How and why we use multi-dispatch event logging at Deliveroo - writing events data out to Datadog, Kafka and Snowflake.

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Roo talks series: Why Culture Matters in your Data science team?

The fourth session in our roo talks series.

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Roo talks series: Engineering culture at Deliveroo

The third session in our roo talks series.

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A quick look into Engineering Leadership at Deliveroo

Learn more about engineering leadership at Deliveroo with Stephanie Siaw, Engineering Manager.

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Roo talks series: Cross-Platform Customer Support with WebViews + GraphQL

The second session in our roo talks series.

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