Learn from our experience developing the Deliveroo product.

Increasing TestFlight Adoption With the App Store Connect API

How Deliveroo uses the App Store Connect API to check if a new TestFlight build is available and prompt employees to install it.

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Meet the Grads

This Autumn we welcomed a cohort of 10 graduates to Deliveroo and they’ve shared their thoughts on our hiring process, onboarding and their time at Deliveroo so far!

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Where are they now?

How Deliveroo does Hack days and then takes projects to production

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Testing Go services using interfaces

Time to share some strategies for creating testable Go services using interfaces and generated mocks.

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Shipping Quickly with a Large Team

We will walk through some proven techniques that we used to ship greenfield software quickly with a large team.

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Go down the rabbit hole

Debugging a proxy that functions perfectly over the public internet, but fails when inside our Amazon VPC. Or how a friendly man in the middle sent me down a rabbit hole.

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Moving from Ruby to Rust

How we migrated our Tier 1 service from ruby to rust and didn’t break production.

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Improving Stream Data Quality With Protobuf Schema Validation

The requirements for fast and reliable data pipelines are growing quickly at Deliveroo as the business continues to grow and innovate. We have delivered an event streaming platform which gives strong guarantees on data quality, using Apache Kafka® and Protocol Buffers.

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How to debug memory usage of a JVM-based application

What do you do when your JVM-based application gets OOM killed or exhibits wild memory usage pattern? In this blog post, I will explore some tools and concepts we can use to start debugging this problem.

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